Saturday, June 25, 2016

Family Beach Trip 2016

We got away!!  We did it!  We were able to go to the beach for a week!  It was great.  All the kids were good and the weather was perfect - 7 full days of sunshine - not drop of rain.  We spent most of our time at the pool and in the lazy river.  We went to the beach on Wednesday - and Noah got stung by a jellyfish.  He quickly recovered after some Benadryl.  We made it out there for an hour.  That's record time for us.  We watched cable, did a puzzle, had light saber fights, ate boiled peanuts, and just straight up chilled for a week.  I love this little family of mine!  Feel very blessed by them.

Eden really wanted to ride this swan.  So thankful the lady let her go for a ride.  Her world was liable to fall apart if not!

Eden went down the slide and loved it.  But never wanted to go alone.

PUZZLE TIME!  Noah, Jason and I love puzzles.  The other kids will get involved but it's the 3 of us that can't let it stay undone!

Noah's phone broke...  Boo!

Eden taking over the Lazy River

They love the hot tub too
WHY?!?  It's HOT!

Done in a day!


Mary said she didn't want to swim in the ocean.  She just wanted to build a sandcastle!  So she said she wanted to wear her clothes!  Why fight...We are on vacation.  She wore her clothes out there and about 5 minutes in - she asked if she could get in.  Yes, yes you can!  Crazy kid!

Building her castle.

Anna was so good with her!

Noah's sting!  It shut down our beach time but we ended the day at the pool until sunset.

Isaac banging his head at the pool.  Exhausted!

Flipping, back diving, cartwheeling - you name it they can do it into the pool.

This is my jam!!  Where I want to be - all I want to do. These two and I got away! 

Noah loves to fish and Mary loves Noah.
They are such a neat pair.

Jason took Mary down because she could not be defeated.
She even got Noah!

CABLE!!  I'm a sucker for it!  
Blah blah blah

It's a Crab Trap Birthday!

I love my guy!

And the crazy kid!

These people make me special!

All of them!

This is all 5 of them on the slide but you can't see Mary!  She's in there!

Eden chillin' in the middle of the pool.
Nothing like floating!

Birthday Boiled Peanuts!  Thanks babe!

I hope to recreate this picture for many more years! 

Party at the pool! 
It's going down for real!

Morning snuggles!  Last time!

We don't want to leave!

Boats were out on Saturday!

It was a GREAT trip!
Being together is great!
Looking forward to when we can do it again.

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