Friday, May 27, 2016


I went to pick up report cards today at the elementary school.  The kids made ALL A's!!  YAY!!  I've got some smartie pants on my hands.  We are ready for summer!!!  

Then we headed to Chickfila for lunch and to see the Jungle Book.
It was such a great movie and the kids loved it!  They were kinda afraid it was gonna be scary.  There are so many good movies coming out this summer!  I can't wait to see all of them!


Then we had closing ceremonies!  It's TROPHY NIGHT!!  And this is how it went down...

I got nothing, Bobbie got it all, and Kristy's broke!

But seriously, Isaac was so excited to get his trophy and be with his team one last time.  They had a great season and was 2nd Place.  They were so fun to watch this year.  He got his trophy with PRIDE!

Then Sweet Mary with her team!  They struggled but they all learned a lot and Mary is working VERY hard on catching pop fly's.  She's getting so good.  It was kid pitch some of the time so that added a level of difficulty but she still learned to hit off the girls.

Thankfully one of her teammates were out of town so she was presented a trophy but it was taken from her after she walked off the field.  Hers is being made.  Poor middle child even gets overlooked in her softball team.  oops!!  She was a trooper though!  NEVER shed a tear... that's big!  I was so proud of her.  Her's is coming!

It was great playing ball with a lot of our friends!  I hope some of them get on the same team next year!

They shared!  HA!

Mary faking it with her trophy!  She's got Maci's!


Chick magnet!


Another season in the books!  Whoop! 
NOW... I'm playing softball with the church league.  I'm sure there will be stories to tell.  And MUCH laughter!  Fun times await!

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