Thursday, May 19, 2016

MES Talent Show

Super Proud Moment!   BOTH kids (not just Anna the performer) were in the TALENT SHOW!!  Anna did her clogging routine that she did not get to perform at recital because we were very unaware that she would bounce back from back surgery so well.   And Noah and a group of his friends played Canon D in rock mode.  It was great.  I was so proud of Noah - he's not one to get on stage and perform.  He picked up the guitar this year and has mastered it!

My kids have talent!!

On a side note...I was about to kill Noah because he said the drummer and keyboarder said they weren't coming to the night show.  So Noah decided not to go either and FISH!  I got there at 6 (when it started) and his whole band was setting up.  He got our neighbor to take him up to the school and he made it with about 15 minutes to spare.  And then he went off and made me proud.  Oh, the life of a teenager...NOT SURE I WILL SURVIVE!!  But I'm loving trying!

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