Sunday, March 27, 2016


This Easter is a bit of an off year for us.  I ordered Easter dresses from Kohls and they didn't come in!  Oops.  But I just preached to myself that that was not what Easter is all about.

We had fun celebrating Jesus resurrection at church with a full house and with all our friends and then to come home to lunch with my sister and her family and my parents!   It was a very low key - relaxed Easter!

Mamma was cracking us up.  Silena and I finally figured out we think she thought it was Awana night.  She was beyond stressed that we were not sitting in the living room watching and teaching the kids bible lessons?!?  I would go check on them to see if they really were getting in trouble and they were being so good.  Like, surprisingly good!!  She said we needed to go get ready for Jesus to come and that he would be very disappointed with us sitting in the kitchen and talking and not teaching the children.  Yet...She wasnt teaching them either.  This disease is crazy.  And sometimes you have to laugh to keep from losing your mind.

We really had a great day.  It always fills my heart with joy to have days like this.

With Anna recovering from surgery she is always with me.  SO, I could not really get away to gather Easter Basket goodies.  Not only did she go with me and help get all the Easter stuff... She also helped me stuff the baskets.  BUT, she didn't make her own basket - ha!  So I'm not the WORST MOM EVER... Just bad!  ha!

She wants to set out Christmas this year!  HA!

Anna Erin and I sat in the foyer during the service.  The place was packed and again, with Anna recovering sitting still or even correctly a chore.

Shea and I were TWINS .. Sorta!!  

two of my ALL TIME FAVORITE PEOPLE right here!!


Asher is a mess!!  Life of the party!


Eden and Chewbacca

Teenagers these days!

The kids finally got to dig into their baskets when everyone left!  They were so good about it.  I told them they could look but could not touch and they didn't all day long.  Then I left them just have at all that candy!!  Worth the wait.

So, No pictures of Noah and his basket,  no pictures of everyone together in new outfits but - we still had Easter with the people we love the most and...
Jesus still rose again!!  

I'd say it was a GREAT Easter.

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