Monday, March 28, 2016

A visit to the POLKS

Our friends Brad and Lori and Isaac's dear friend Andrew moved to Clanton and live at Raleigh's place as foster parents.  So, we took a little field trip to visit them.  We miss them!  Isaac LOVES Andrew and they are so cute.  Lori and I tried forcing them to be friends when they were little and they did not like each other at all for a very long time and right about the time we gave up they started loving each other.  Typical.

So, seeing Andrew alone was fun - but Andrew lives in an awesome HUGE house with a HUGE YARD and a MOUNTAIN.  That's what the kids called it.  All of the kids including Noah enjoyed going down this hill any and every way the could.  Who knew one hill could be hours of entertainment.  Isaac rolled down it, they rode bikes down it, they road wagons down it, cars down it, and a four wheeler down it.  They road down it alone, with a friend and with a whole wagon full.  They road down it slow, fast, they purposefully flipped the wagon and they were drug down it by the wagon.  Thrill seekers.  That's what they were - and they had a really really fun day.

We cannot wait to go back.  



And did I mention I drove the church van down there.  Maybe we all have a little thrill seeking inside of us.

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