Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DISNEY: Day 3 - Hollywood Studios


Of course Hollywood Studios is the Rocking Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror!  Isaac, Asher, Eden, and Addy were all too small to ride the Rocking Roller Coaster and Anna is a chicken so I sat out with them (but really I'm a chicken too).  But that ride ended up being the favorite of the day.  Which left Isaac pretty ticked!

Eden's entertainment while we waited.  Asher pushing her in the stroller is quite a roller coaster!

This is what being too short to ride looks like!

Asher LOVED Tower of Terror!  He rode it so many times!  Noah loved riding it with him!  Jason carried Mary out and Isaac was crying!  No THANK YOU!!  They were definitely filled with Terror!

One of my favorite memories of Hollywood Studios is The Great Movie Ride.  Our kids were TERRIFIED!  Characters were jumping in and out of our boat and shooting each other!  Momma, Momma - can they touch us?!?  ha!!  

We met characters and saw shows.  Ariel, Frozen sing a long, The Great Muppet Show, and Mickey's Fantasmatic!

The kids loved meeting the Star Wars characters and this little thing was stealing from people's bags and messing with the kids.  The kids rode a Star Wars ride where they were all looking for Isaac - He was the secret spy or something.  

We spent some time in the gift shops.  Eden got her giant balloon that she loved so much and it kept for about a week.

Pixar was GREAT!!  The Toy Story ride was probably my personal favorite.  Nothing like some good friendly family competition!  

My personal favorite is the STREET DANCE  PARTY!  Of course... We danced with the Disney characters.

May we never forget our fearless tour guide!!  She successfully got Day 3 in the books with GREAT memories to show!

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