Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DISNEY: Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

It's Day 2 but it's the first day at the parks!  The Magic Kingdom - here we come!  I've heard stories of riding the ferry in and seeing the castle from afar and then walking in the gates and just being there and how magical.  Well, Shea had our fast passes set for the day and there was no time to stop and be sentimental.  We were on mission to get to our first ride - the Jungle Cruise!  And so the day began!

I did get this picture - but it was SNAP and GO!

That red jacket caught the focus but as  you can see past it Asher got to drive the cruise boat!
Dreams coming true on the first ride.
Our first "roller coaster" was Big Thunder Mountain.  Everyone was excited to ride and loved it!  Then we went over to Pirates of the Caribbean and then had lunch.  After lunch we went Splash Mountain.  Anna said long before we ever left for Disney that she was not riding some rides - and this was one of them!  AND...we made her ride it.  She was in tears pretty much the whole wait and her anxiety was at an all time high.  Which of course got me anxious and even Addy got to crying - poor thing!  I mean how can you cry at Disney?!?  Really?   She rode it and it was a BIG drop.  I didn't love it so much either but after that ride - everything would be a breeze.  We both convinced ourselves of that.  Of course Noah had to give us a hard time ... Because we had Eden a lot of these rides we got free fast passes too...so they rode it again with Jason - NOT Anna!  Ha!

We then headed over to "It's a Small World" - because, I'm sorry you aren't at Disney if you aren't traveling the world.  Then to "Peter Pan"  which was another fun little ride Eden could enjoy.  Noah got to not feeling good on that ride - not sure why - but we let his stomach settle and watched a parade.  Eden LOVED the parades.  After the parade it was time for the good ole HAUNTED MANSION - which I remember pretty vividly as a child.  I rode Isaac and Eden who were FREAKED out and scared to death.  I honestly thought Isaac was gonna jump out of the cart.  It was supposed to be funny and fun.  NO SIR... he was mad about that ride.  So we needed a little ice cream to recover from that madness.  It was finally time to ride the "7 Dwarfs Mine Train."  I didn't get to ride this ride.  I sat out with Eden (who got a good nap in).  And it looked so fun.  Guess I gotta go back.

Eden is not sure at all!

7 Dwarfs Mine Train

After the Mine Train we did lose Isaac for a good 5 minutes.  We went to the bathroom and the group started walking up towards the Ariel ride and I told them they were going the wrong way - everyone but Isaac turned around.  It was a scary minute when I got back and Jason said, "Where's Isaac?"  I knew where he got lost but just hoped he stayed where he was and didn't try to find us.  He was right where I thought he would be but Shea and Jason went looking in the other direction.  They had more of a heart attack than me.

Our we found Isaac group picture!  He's so mad at us right now!

He told us all about how we left him!  Such a sad story!

After we found Isaac we went to ride the Speedway and Space Mountain - again...hung out with Eden.  But because of Eden they got to ride Space Mountain multiple times!  While I waited I had about a BLAST dancing with the Incredibles.  My favorite part of the day was the Incredible's Dance Party with the kids!

After the dance party we went to the parade and I'm pretty sure Eden was the only one who got to see it.  Eden would see the characters and say, "Hey 'Tinkerbell' - thank you!"  It was so cute.  Jason Noah and I switched out Mary, Isaac, and Eden on our shoulders.

We were purely exhausted after the day.  But it was so fun and of course, magical!

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