Monday, August 24, 2015


So Jason met Dr. Khoury and we talked about a plan for Anna.  She does not have to wear a brace but we will have surgery Feb. 25.  He cleared up a lot of things for us.  He estimates she will gain 3-4 inches in surgery and we will be losing an inch in her total growth from having surgery before she's done growing.

He measured her curve from the X-ray from the previous doctor - there may have been a degree change.  It is a growing curve, they do know that.

So we have our MRI in November and all the lab work done Jan. 25.  She will be out of school for 6 weeks and well by summer.  She will miss recital which she was bummed about but it's better to miss that one thing then to miss out on a lot of other stuff.  Plus, she'll be there and gets to dance all the way up to surgery.  And she'll be back next year.

Our prayer for her is concerning her flexibility.  We need her stay flexible to help in surgery.  The more flexible her spine is the more they can pull it back in surgery.  I'm praying for her to have COURAGE!  She is my little worry wart.  I've already seen the Lord calm her heart about the whole thing and I just pray he continues to give her peace.  Pray for Jason and I as we parent her and comfort her when we ourselves have wrestled with this.  I'm praying the Lord uses her and this surgery for his glory.  I'm just praying she runs to the Lord with her fears and that she will trust him through all this, and that we will too.

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