Monday, August 10, 2015


Well, today we went to Dr. Khoury at Children's. They did a thorough evaluation on her.  His measurement for her curve is 45 degrees and 63 degrees on bottom.

He said he usually waits until summer for this surgery because of school and that's when he said it...He said, "I don't think we have that long."  He said he thinks we have about a 6 month time period for surgery.  This is because the curve is already advanced before she has begun to grow.  When she starts growing the curve will also grow.  He did mention if the curve grows to 70 degrees he can only pull it back about 30 degrees (that's what I think I understood).

I felt shell shocked.  I thought we had time.  I asked about a brace holding the curve until summer and he said the brace will not hold this curve.  He will fit her for a brace to buy us some time but when it's time for surgery we will do it.

The only thing that makes me want to wait on this surgery is her growth.  Both doctors have said that once they do surgery on her back her back will not grow anymore.  And they both have said that she still has a lot of growing to do.  Dr. Khoury mentioned she will gain 4 inches from the surgery.  So she will gain 4 inches but how many will she lose?

Anna did great in the doctors office but lost it again when we got to the car.  And this time...I wanted to lose it with her.   She is scared.  She said she knows she needs the surgery, she wants to just get it over with, but she's scared of the actual surgery.  Who can blame her?!?  I hate to see her walk this road.  I hate this is something she will always have to deal with.   It breaks my heart every time I think about it.  BUT, we are looking for all the positives.  We are looking and watching for what the Lord is doing and going to do through this.

We are praying for wisdom and peace, and an absence of fear!
Our next appointment is Monday August 24.  Jason is going with us this time and my list of questions is growing by the day.

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