Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gearing up!

We are getting super excited about starting school.  Anna and Noah went to pack their lockers and we got to meet Mary and Isaac's teacher.

Isaac photobombed this picture.  

These 3 are gonna have a great year!!  

Noah not interested in locker pics!  HA!

Isaac got Mrs. Lee

Just a couple doors down from Mrs. Lambert.  We really wanted Mrs. Lambert again but she's already claimed Isaac for split list classes.  
We love Mrs. Lambert!  

Now onto Mary's class.
Mary's backpack was really heavy because it was filled with her supplies so Noah helped her out.  He might be the best big bro!

Mary got Mrs. Johnson, she's in a trailer.  
I'm pretty sure she's gonna have a GREAT year as a 2nd grader.


 Mrs. Johnson gave us some magic confetti to help her sleep.  So cute!

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