Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Birthday BOYS!


To say we love you is an understatement!

The day started with it being GRANNY DAY!  So she came over and took them to the Waffle House.  They went to Gamestop and he got his gift from her - which was a Disney Infinity character.

After work we had a little party at home.  Jason got him THE HULK action figure, the balloons you bounce (they drive me crazy), flying disks, and sticky hands.

And I got him a snorkel set.  Which was what he had asked for.

Bree made the boys a great cake!!  Cookie/Brownie layered cake.  It was so good and so sweet.  I'm sure it will kill me soon!

I made the boys their favorite things for dinner!  Jason loves Chicken Pot Pie and Isaac MacnCheese! 

Isaac wanted "SNARKLE"

Bree made the boys a cake!  Cookie/Brownie Cake!  So so good!

I did not forget Jason.  I wrote him a letter.  To you and me...that's not the greatest gift maybe but to him...It was VERY meaningful!!  

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