Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Fun

Just another summer day.  Anna had camp at Briarwood and Mary went to Splash Adventure with Avery!  Eden had an allergist appointment (which was somewhat of a waste of time - found out she was slightly allergic to dogs).  Isaac hung out with Granny and Noah stayed home (boring teenager).  After I picked up Anna from camp we decided to go see a movie.  Isaac said he didn't want to go but he loved it.  Why must they be so hard to get along with sometimes?

We got to see Minions and the kids laughed a lot.  It was fun to eat candy and popcorn, drink coke, and laugh!!!  I want to do it again.  Soon!

Another Summer Day Success!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Anna: Scoliosis

Today we went for Anna's MRI.  They said they would have her back for an hour.  After about 30 mins they called me back.  They said she did fine but she can not sit still.  They said she is not afraid or claustrophobic she just cannot be still.  The pictures they are trying to take have to be clear and there is no room for blur or unclear pictures.  SO, they said she was gonna have to be put to sleep.  YIKES, we are going to get a second opinion but I'm pretty sure we are gonna have to do this MRI still.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

This one will not be one soon forgotten.

We had a great time swimming and eating at Sue's house with the DiBens.  It was beautiful before for a few hours but then the rain started.  My favorite part was actually sitting in the carport talking while the rain came down.

Then we headed to Erin's house for the annual Thunder on Hueytown now called Thunder on Mimosa.  And we had a great time playing and visiting with friends.  Then for the fireworks - always the best part.  Stephen mentioned we were sitting pretty close and the kids all sat in front of us.  And, yes, we may have been sitting a little close.  One of the big fireworks tipped and it got a little scary for a minute!  It tipped back and Tyler went and put it back up straight at which point it fell forward...towards us!  EVERYONE RAN!  Except, Isaac, Mary, Avery, and Maci!  They were amazed how close the fireworks were.  Funny how when you are a kid you don't realize that wasn't supposed to happen and they were in real danger!  I finally got them up and running to the back but it was all over by that point.  After that we proceeded with the show with much caution.  Got more bricks out to steady the fireworks.  And they were fantastic and BIG.  It was raining fireworks on us.  I love it.

2014 - Crazy how big Noah has gotten this year!

Eden and her Jay-man!  They love to fight!

It was a GREAT 4th - spending the whole day with the BEST of Friends and Family.  Couldn't ask for a better time.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Birthday BOYS!


To say we love you is an understatement!

The day started with it being GRANNY DAY!  So she came over and took them to the Waffle House.  They went to Gamestop and he got his gift from her - which was a Disney Infinity character.

After work we had a little party at home.  Jason got him THE HULK action figure, the balloons you bounce (they drive me crazy), flying disks, and sticky hands.

And I got him a snorkel set.  Which was what he had asked for.

Bree made the boys a great cake!!  Cookie/Brownie layered cake.  It was so good and so sweet.  I'm sure it will kill me soon!

I made the boys their favorite things for dinner!  Jason loves Chicken Pot Pie and Isaac MacnCheese! 

Isaac wanted "SNARKLE"

Bree made the boys a cake!  Cookie/Brownie Cake!  So so good!

I did not forget Jason.  I wrote him a letter.  To you and me...that's not the greatest gift maybe but to him...It was VERY meaningful!!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I got Isaac some cupcakes to celebrate with our friends at church!  I share these pictures because Mary cracks me up!  She is ALL into singing Happy Birthday to Isaac!