Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dr. Visits

Lathered in Valor for self-control!

Anna has to get shots for 6th grade.  She's been DREADING them since her birthday.  She asked that we get it done SOON.  Yes...Yes we will, because I'm so tired of listening to her!!  AHHH!!  She was so anxious.  "How many shots?  What exactly does it feel like?  What if I cry?  Does it hurt? ..." on and on - since December.  Well, the number is 2 - you have to get 2 shots.  Now we know that answer.  And it doesn't hurt!


So the shots were a BREEZE!

This year we also found out she had scoliosis.  The school tested her and the nurse sent a note home saying she needed to be evaluated by a doctor.  So, they did her X-rays at this visit too.  I was FLOORED!!  I knew she was crooked but I had no idea it was that bad.  So, now we are waiting to see an orthopedic doctor.  I'm already praying about all this.  I have so many questions and I've got great friends finding answers for me.  I'm so ready to see the doctor though and know the plan.

Also, it was time for Eden to have a well visit too.  She ALWAYS flips out at the doctor.  ALWAYS!  But today because Anna was doing it she decided to be a big girl and be good.  Dr. Wilson heard a murmur - so she's got to go see a cardiologist.  Seriously kids?!?  I always thought they were healthy perfect kids.  ha!  Not anymore.  I'm praying this is nothing and trusting that it's nothing!  But we are waiting for our appointment on that now too.

Eden also has had spots breakout on her face and Dr. Wilson thinks she's allergic to off to the allergist she goes.  This is gonna be bad!  She HATES the doctors office, tests, etc.  Blood work is going to be a beatdown and then to do all the scratch tests.  That's gonna be a fun day.  The allergist is our first appointment.  Going Monday, June 22.  

After all that, we had to run Mary over to the Dentist because her tooth was hurting to the point of tears.  Well, she was put on an antibiotic to kill the infection so she can have it pulled Wednesday!  Really, they are KILLING ME!!  Slowly!  HA!

She loves Dr. Merrill.  Maybe she will be a hygienist when she gets big!  

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