Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boots in Bling

RMLBC put on a Father/Daughter Date Night called Boots and Bling.

The girls were so excited to spend the night with their dad.  When they got to the church they were seated by a hostess.  It was so great!   They had amazing food that Angela prepared and it wasn't just a meal they got to choose what they wanted from the menu.  

Our friend Benny and his daughter Abby were the speakers.  Benny gave his testimony by juggling!  It was captivating.  He even ate an apple while juggling at one point.  Abby spoke to all the girls about honoring your parents and spending time with you parents but specifically their dads.  She told them how meaningful time spent with their dad was.  My favorite line was, "You might think they are boring but they really are fun.  And they really enjoy being with you!"  So true!  ha!

After dinner they had a lead out.  Jamie read letters from the dads and daughters and they each received a corsage.  After the lead out they had a dance.  Which I think was my girls favorite part.

I was so impressed with all the work of Jamie and Angela and how beautiful and fun the whole night was.  I'm really looking forward to next year.

These 2 were locked in the back nursery for the night.  They were good but Asher got ahold of confetti!!  I paid for not supervising them!  But it was worth it to be a part of the event!

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