Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Bday: 35

If spending the past couple of days at the beach was not enough...  the OFFICE went above and beyond, far beyond!  It's great to work with your friends.

When I first got to the office the door was locked two faces peered out the window saying..."You can't come in until you read your card!"  And so the fun began.

Next was my gift.  Bree has been seriously bothered since she started working at Briarwood that I do not have any pictures of Eden up in the office.  So, she said it was time for an office picture makeover.  She printed off lots of pictures of the 5 all together or just Eden.  The presentation was priceless.

You have 5 kids not 4,
It's time to add that one more!
Although Eden is 2 it's still not too late -
It's way over due for an office update!!!!

Next LUNCH with all my favorite friends.  Not to mention my favorite place.  We laughed a lot and Barbara even got us a free piece of cake.  Her birthday is the day after mine so she was so kind to let me have the spotlight for a little bit.

After's CAKE time.  One word:  Bree!!  It was so GOOD and GONE in a flash!

 celebration was over and it was time to focus on Barbara.

They made my day.  I felt so special and definitely loved.

Got to RMLBC and was greeted with a gift - and Erin thinks she's so funny... Happy 46th Bday!  Really?!?  I know that will be here before I know it but as of right now...I want to just be 35.  ha!

Could be worse.  I could have been 64!

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