Thursday, June 25, 2015

Anna: Scoliosis Journey Begins

Anna had her first scoliosis visit today.  We got a new X-ray and the degrees of curvature.  She actually has 2 curves.  One is at the top and it's a 44 degrees and the one of the bottom is a 58 degrees.  This particular doctor said anything over 50 is a candidate for surgery.  That's right friends, surgery.

But, nothing is rushed.  She is in no pain and they want her to be finished growing before the surgery. For now there will be no treatment for 6 months.  She will get an MRI done in the next few weeks to check for any underlying problems.  In 6 months she will get another X-ray done to see if the curve is still, well, curving.  They will brace her after that appointment and she will wear the brace until time for her surgery.

I think I'm going to get a second opinion even though it's pretty clear she's got a problem.

Anna and I were reading about scoliosis in the waiting room and we had pretty much talked ourselves into the fact that she just had bad posture.  I think she got her hopes up about that.  She did great all through the visit and when we were leaving she was obviously trying to hold back tears.  I told her to just let it go.  So, she did.

After a little while, she started feeling much better.  I've tried to talk to her about how God can be glorified in this and how he is building her testimony.  This is a time to trust the Lord.  Praying she finds much comfort and the Lord will draw very close to her.  If anyone will listen and follow the Lord it will be her.

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