Thursday, June 25, 2015

Anna: Scoliosis Journey Begins

Anna had her first scoliosis visit today.  We got a new X-ray and the degrees of curvature.  She actually has 2 curves.  One is at the top and it's a 44 degrees and the one of the bottom is a 58 degrees.  This particular doctor said anything over 50 is a candidate for surgery.  That's right friends, surgery.

But, nothing is rushed.  She is in no pain and they want her to be finished growing before the surgery. For now there will be no treatment for 6 months.  She will get an MRI done in the next few weeks to check for any underlying problems.  In 6 months she will get another X-ray done to see if the curve is still, well, curving.  They will brace her after that appointment and she will wear the brace until time for her surgery.

I think I'm going to get a second opinion even though it's pretty clear she's got a problem.

Anna and I were reading about scoliosis in the waiting room and we had pretty much talked ourselves into the fact that she just had bad posture.  I think she got her hopes up about that.  She did great all through the visit and when we were leaving she was obviously trying to hold back tears.  I told her to just let it go.  So, she did.

After a little while, she started feeling much better.  I've tried to talk to her about how God can be glorified in this and how he is building her testimony.  This is a time to trust the Lord.  Praying she finds much comfort and the Lord will draw very close to her.  If anyone will listen and follow the Lord it will be her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Bday: 35

If spending the past couple of days at the beach was not enough...  the OFFICE went above and beyond, far beyond!  It's great to work with your friends.

When I first got to the office the door was locked two faces peered out the window saying..."You can't come in until you read your card!"  And so the fun began.

Next was my gift.  Bree has been seriously bothered since she started working at Briarwood that I do not have any pictures of Eden up in the office.  So, she said it was time for an office picture makeover.  She printed off lots of pictures of the 5 all together or just Eden.  The presentation was priceless.

You have 5 kids not 4,
It's time to add that one more!
Although Eden is 2 it's still not too late -
It's way over due for an office update!!!!

Next LUNCH with all my favorite friends.  Not to mention my favorite place.  We laughed a lot and Barbara even got us a free piece of cake.  Her birthday is the day after mine so she was so kind to let me have the spotlight for a little bit.

After's CAKE time.  One word:  Bree!!  It was so GOOD and GONE in a flash!

 celebration was over and it was time to focus on Barbara.

They made my day.  I felt so special and definitely loved.

Got to RMLBC and was greeted with a gift - and Erin thinks she's so funny... Happy 46th Bday!  Really?!?  I know that will be here before I know it but as of right now...I want to just be 35.  ha!

Could be worse.  I could have been 64!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This girl MUST know the parable in Luke of the friend that needs some bread in the middle of the night and he keeps knocking, and knocking!  And the scripture says, "But I tell you this - though he won't do it for friendship's sake, if you keep knocking long enough, he will get up and give you whatever you need because of your shameless persistence."

Since January, Anna has given me a hard time about going to the beach.  I have gone a lot and they have not gone with me but I had a trip planned for them in October, I was going to take them.  She would not stop about going in the summer!  She kept asking, giving me a hard time until finally...we found a way to work it out.

It was a QUICK trip!  But a VERY fun one!  I'm so glad we got to go!

Father's Day we didn't have Sunday night church, so we left after church and drove straight down!  The kids were perfect!  The baby slept all the way down and actually woke up happy!  We drove straight to the Crab Trap for a GREAT Father's Day dinner!!


To make the most of the trip we went for a night swim!  These nights swims were my favorite.  It was the best part of the day for me, every day we were there!

Monday we stayed at the pool sun up to sun down.  Going to all the different pools but finally settling on the one closest to our condo.

Losing steam!


They got me on the slide!!  

Tuesday, we decided to try the beach!  We are not fans!  Maybe when the kids are older we will love it.  But the place where we were staying it was a chore to get to the beach.

After about 45 mins we called it a day!!  We headed back to our happy place...THE POOL!
After lunch a storm looked to be rolling in, while we waited it out Noah and Mary went fishing at the dock.  It was so sweet watching them be together.  They caught a lot of fish.
When the storm never came we went back down to swim until we HAD to leave.

This Pirate Ship passed by several times shooting cannons. 


We hated to leave we had such a great time!  But we are so thankful we get to go back soon!!