Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Color Run

There's not much to say about the Color Run other than it was so much fun!
I'm so glad I did it because the last 5K was terrible.  I didn't finish and threw up the minute I got to my parents house.  It was BEYOND terrible.  I'm sure I was dehydrated.  So I'm glad I did another one and finished!

But this race was so fun.  It was a party!  I loved how they had stations set up.  I knew the order of the color stations and so I knew when we got to yellow we were halfway.  You could hear the music at the stations so you knew you were close and that gave you the energy to get to the next one.  

The girls complained a little.  But they really did great considering we had no training.  We just walked.  We did not attempt to run it at all.  Mary did the best.  Considering her age and she's the smallest.  Anna would be complaining and then see a color station and get a burst of energy and start running through them.  She's a mess.  


We just happened to run into a group of G&C friends!

I made Mary walk in front of us.  She's a wonderer and I couldn't lose her!

1st stop!  BLUE

Anna wanted this picture for Riley.  She's Orange and Blue!  ha!

PINK was our favorite station!  And it was the last "color" station.  The next one was the finish line where we got SHINED (they glittered us).

There it is!  The finish line!

After the race we all went swimming with the DiBens! 

We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.  Everyone slept on and off starting at 5pm that night.  Jason had to do yard work all day for the Peru trip so he was just as exhausted.

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