Saturday, May 9, 2015

Springfest 2015 + Birthday Party

We started off the day tired!!  I have Mary Benadryl for her legs because they were itching so bad.  So she was heading to sleep before we even got started.  Anna was at a Birthday Party and stayed up till 4am the night before.  It was a perfect storm brewing...but really they were great!

Anna and Riley's dance class was one of the classes chosen to dance at Springfest.  I really struggle with events like this (hot/crowded) but I made it through without having a panic attack.  ha!  It was hot - full sun.  But the girls did GREAT!  And it was my favorite dance of theirs, so I'm really glad they got to go!  We walked over to Sals and went to the bathroom and got ice cold water.  We had such a busy day that we could not stay long - only for the dances and they did ride ONE ride.  Next year maybe we won't be in such a rush.  Maybe...

She's got to be the cutest kid!
ONLY person who could get me to go to Springfest!  Love my friend! 


Right after Springfest we went to Celebrate Sam.   Bree made a GREAT cake.  And we just visited for a little while, played, ate cake and Mary got her face painted before we headed home to call it a DAY!

Bree is the best!

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