Saturday, May 16, 2015


We had a great softball/baseball season.  It was kinda hard with 2 plaing but we made it work and they both really enjoyed it.  Isaac wasn't interested at first but Noah worked really hard with him and got him hitting and then he started to really like it.

Mary started off really good hitting and then she got in a slump.  But her defense picked up and she got moved to 2nd base.  That was so exciting.  They both made great improvements through the season.  I loved watching them play and our teams were great!

The first game was COLD!!! 
Mary playing outfield in her black jacket

Baby was COLD and miserable

Lined up... ready to bat!

Coach Joe helping her out!

Making her way around the bases for the first time!

And home!

Isaac getting his energy to play!

Cutest Pirate EVER!


Noah worked so hard with Isaac and doubled his hitting average!

They WON!!

I loved when Kristy was there when we were!  We played them several times.  It felt like they killed us every time.  But that didn't change our love for each other.  ha!

Isaac made it across the plate!  YAY!

He's a mess!

Running the bases

Made it all the way!

Friends at the ballpark is always the best!

and electronics are just as good!

Avery came to watch Mary!
MARY PLAYING 2nd BASE!  WHOOP!!!  She did so good too!

Last game!
Exhausted after a WHOLE day at the park.  You can't see it well but she is COVERED in ballpark dirt!!  She played HARD!

These are pictures of Mary that a mom took.

I love her up on her toes.  Many times she was using her bat as a baton.  Multitasking.  

BEST COACHES EVER!  The Yarbroughs

Team Pictures

Sweet Team!

Isaac's pictures a mom took.

It was such a fun season.  I can't wait to play again.

*For the record there are more pictures of Mary because I had Mary and he had Isaac.  The baby wasn't the best at watching the games - so we had to split duties.  He didn't get a lot of Isaac bc he had to assist the coach.  Jason was the catcher.  Wish I had pictures of that!

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