Monday, May 18, 2015


The past month we've had projects after projects after projects.  I'm over the projects.  I'm pretty sure Noah is too...

We had a Pita Bread Project

Skeleton Project... Make a skeleton out of stuff around the house. 

He ended up pretty good!

Make an African Mask

And the worst one of all...
Cultural Dinner project
We had to make a 3 course meal from Thailand.

But we are DONE!!!  Whoop!

Noah kept a good attitude about all of them until the last one.  That one about killed us both.  We both dreaded that project.  One...I hate to cook.  TWO:  I hate projects parents have to do... THREE:  The food was it was a BIG waste of money.  FOUR:  It due his last day of school, so he was pretty much over school.

But it's over!  And he got a good grade on all of it.  So, we can look back at the experience and say we persevered.  And didn't kill each other!  SUCCESS!!

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