Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Jason and I got to go on the G&C Memorial Day Retreat.  I help plan this retreat every year and I've only been once because Jason was the speaker.

This year... I weaseled my way in!  There are lots of changes at work.  Julie left a year ago (which made me sad) but we got Bree (who I have grown to really love this past year) and now Jason Ellerbee is getting a new position as the Young Couples Pastor at Briarwood.  And to replace him they hired Stephen King.

So how did I get to go on the retreat?!?

Bree and I sold it as "our last Hooray"... A farewell to Jason and hello to the King's and to top it off we had Benny speaking.  So our "team" was complete.

Jason and I love Benny.   He has been a mentor, accountability partner, pastor and friend to Jason this past year and half.  He is a very special gift from the Lord that Jason and I had prayed for for years.  He's kinda a big deal to us.  So, we really wanted to go sit under his teaching.  He was great.  He spoke on I Cor. 13 "Love".    I find myself completely dumbfounded by Love.  How great it is to be loved, how beautiful it is, how wonderful it is, how great it feels, how desperate we want it, how loved we are by God himself...YET, it's one of the hardest and most painful things to do, to live out.  But the reward is great.  I was definitely challenged and encouraged.  Not to mention he spent some time talking about the Great City of Love.   So, this is my second talk on Heaven in 3 months.  Both great.  I think the Lord wants me to think about it.

Benny spoke A LOT (that's a joke).  But between sessions we went to the pool, beach, dinner - we had a great time "team building" (aka...hanging out), meeting new friends, and spending time with old ones.  It was downright great.  So so glad I was given the opportunity to go.  It's a blessing to work with these people each day.  I'm here at home feeling beyond blessed to know these people, work with these people, work for these people, and serve them as my JOB.

I was so happy I got the goodie bag.  My name was on the card!  Guess I should be there!  ha!

Pool by the bay!  It was HOT!

Jason and his buddy Benny!

We walked home from the meeting at Sunset and it was so beautiful.

Ready to go to the BEACH!

Bree got me to the beach! She helps me enjoy life!

Me and Kate (new G&C wife)

Jason was like a kid out there!

The waves were ROUGH

Admins unite!!  We like just sitting at the beach!

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