Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Day of School & Closing Ceremonies

I took the girls to Chickfila for their last day of school.  Of course, we had to get Riley!  

Last day of school pics!

Best Friends!

1st day/last day!

Anna's 5th grade teacher:  Mrs. Newton.  We loved her.  Anna did so good in her class.
Mrs. Hoggle.  This was Anna's 4th grade teacher and she moved up to 5th grade and Anna had her for a swap class.  Mrs. Hoggle was PERFECT for Anna!  One of our favorite teachers yet.  She was "fun" but pushed Anna to excellence.  She was a great match for us.

Mary and her teacher Mrs. Lambert.  WE LOVED HER!  I'm crossing my fingers Isaac gets her next year.  She was great for Mary too.   Very loving and Mary responded very very well to her.  
Isaac never got a picture with his teacher!  They were too busy having parties.  And they were not in the classroom when I was there to snap a few.  But he had Mrs. Liles and she was GREAT for him.    I feel like we were very very blessed this year with our teachers.  

And Noah, I'm so proud of NOAH!!!  He has not been interested in school since 3rd grade.  That's when we started meeting with his teachers about grades.  He's so smart if he will apply himself.  The 3rd nine weeks he quit trying so I decided I was going to watch his every move.  He would have consequences for assignments with 0s and rewards for A/B Honor Roll!  And he did it.  He got A/B Honor Roll on the last nine weeks.  He CAN do it!!  I'm praying this is a new trend.  

The Study Hall Grade is BEYOND ME!  I can't take it.  But I'm thankful he still got a B!!

After school Mary and Isaac went to closing ceremonies with Bobbie, Avery, and Maci where they got a trophy just for playing ball.  ha!   

Isaac was OVER.IT!  

Let's GO SUMMER!!!

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