Thursday, May 14, 2015

Children's Ministry Retreat

To say I love my job is pretty much an understatement!  The Children's Ministry had a planning retreat this week and I got invited to go.  I was so excited!  We went to Barbara's family Lake House. It's beautiful.  And the company was the BEST!  It was great to laugh really hard with each other and at each other.  

We did work!  John wouldn't let us enjoy the sun until we got all the plans on paper and to the calendar.  We had a GREAT dinner.  Steaks and I made the potatoes.  Breakfast was just as good.  We ate so many snacks, really good food, and CANDY!  

After dinner we met some more and then we played Rollick - which was hilarious!  Charades at its finest.  Such a fun fun group!  And it was such a privilege to tag along - for the sake of team building!  ha!

The View

Barbara LOVES Beth's shakes.  She'll steal them every chance she gets!

Beth is happy to get away and gets the best seat in the house!

Salad Selfies

My contribution

Table set! 



Meeting...  We really did meet!

Barbara could not wait to experience the oils!

Favorite part, favorite friend

 As we were driving home chatting we heard a big pop!  I thought it was a flat tire but the car continued to drive smoothly.  It took us a minute to figure out that a rock had hit the back side window.  Thankfully Beth was sitting in the middle of the back seat.  As we drove you could hear it cracking and pieces were falling out.  SCARY!!

Christopher was only 2 exits away so we took the car to him and he busted out the window and tarped it up.

Beth is a survivor! 

I played with the sheep and JA!  I mean... really, this is Belle!  I think she's beautiful.

Tarped up and back on the road...the BACK ROADS!  It took us forever to get home.  We went from Pell City to Leeds, to 119, to 280, Altadena, Briarwood.  

 Made it SAFE and SOUND!!

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