Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mary Celebrates 7

This year instead of having a Pickle Party Mary wanted to go see the movie HOME and eat at SUMO with Avery.  So, that's what we did...

Such sweet friends!  Ready for the show! 

 Bobbie and I loved HOME too.  We laughed and cried.

Bree made Mary a super cute and delicious cake! 

And we had a blast!  The worst part of the trip was when Mary and Avery barely touched their food... Bobbie and I got really excited and filled up 2 FULL take home boxes of really really good Sumo chicken, steak, rice, shrimp, noodles, veggies..... and we LEFT THEM ON THE TABLE.  I called when we realized we left them.  We were only about 5 mins out and they had already thrown them away!  It did cross my mind to tell them to get it out of the trash.  ha!  It's in a box?!?  I was sad.   Just about ruined my trip!  I might not ever get over it.

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