Monday, April 13, 2015

Mary 7?

Well, SWEET BABY MARY went off and turned 7!!

What do you do when you turn 7?
You celebrate the WHOLE WEEKEND!!!
You play baseball...

 Have a LITTLE PARTY at home with the fam (bc she is choosing dinner and a movie with friends)
Tannehill with the siblings
CHICKFILA for some ice cream and playground.
Then a PIRATE party with your bestie!
Thanks for the FUN weekend MARE!!

Sweet Mary Selah Dollar - I love you so much I could scream!  You are such a blessing!  So much so God put you right smack dab in the middle of our family.  You are the best little sister and big sister.  You have made me so proud with all your softball and dance and especially baton.  I love you baby girl.  Keep enjoying LIFE and most importantly LOVE and ENJOY JESUS! 

Mary 1 Year Old
Mary 2 Years Old

Mary 3 Years Old

Mary 4 Years Old
Mary 5 Years Old
Mary 6 Years Old

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