Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

This year the church egg hunt was at our house.  I don't have many pictures of it because I was hosting the event.  But we had a great time.  We had a big egg hunt in the back for the big kids and a little egg hunt in the front with the little kids.  It seemed to be really great (from what I could tell).  We had egg games - which was a lot of fun but a BIG mess!  Not sure we thought that one through.  ha!  While the parents hid the eggs I got to share the story of Easter through the Resurrection eggs and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  I was so grateful for this time because when we do the egg hunt we usually get a prayer in but beyond that - it's an egg hunt.  After the hunt we put on a movie - it was going to be Prince of Egypt but we couldn't find our copy so we watched HOP (which was not a great movie but no one was really paying attention - my bad!).

The little people's game!

Eden was on her own this day!!  Oops!  Hard to parent and host!

This summer I really want to do movies on the lawn at our house - so this was a test.  For those that stayed it was a great time to sit back and just hang out.  Noah and Jackson made a fire for everyone to enjoy.  Boys...

Then time for BASKETS!!  

Mary's Basket

Anna's Basket

Eden's Basket (she got a little gypped - she didn't notice! ha)

Isaac's Basket

Noah's Basket

I love Easter!!  It's fun to get all the kids matching and they humor me every year!  This year they were all so cute! I had children's church but enjoyed being with them telling them the GREAT EASTER STORY again!  It's the best story.

Cousins came for lunch - TAZIKI'S!  We love time with them!!!

Even when it gets crazy!  HA!

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!

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