Friday, April 24, 2015

Beach Trip: Just the 2 of us

Jason and I got to get away again this year!  I can't believe it.  And we had a lot of fun doing a whole lot of NOTHING.  And while we were away we realized how much we really do when we are home.  Very, very bad week to plan a getaway but when you gotta go... You gotta go!

Our friends Amanda and BJ planned to renew their vows Thursday, April 23, on the beach.  They asked Jason to come do the ceremony.  It was really small and sweet.

So, Monday we head down to the beach...It pretty much took us all day to get out of the house.  But we made it to the beach around 5... went to the grocery store and got settled in - ready for some SUN!

We pretty much stayed by the pool all day Tuesday and Wednesday... Thursday I went out for an hour and came back in and napped until the ceremony.  Just had to get all my resting in before the end of Friday (travel and rehearsal) and Saturday (Recital)  - there will be no resting after Thursday.

We went out to eat at the Gulf, Oyster Bar, Cobalt, Waffle House, & LuLu's.  And my personal favorite was the homemade slushies we had at Sunset.

I love being with Jason.  An outsider looking in would think we were the most boringest people ever.  But just being together - just sitting by each other, just being content in each others company is a pretty great blessing.   We don't get that very often with 5 kids - and we feel very blessed by the opportunity to take time out to be with each matter how boring it may appear.  Because our everyday lives...are FAR from boring.  ha!  Right Granny!!!

And by the way, I have the best mom ever!  She took on taking care of our kids while we were away! They had SCHOOL, softball game, band concert, and dance - they were running everyday!  She's a trooper - the best.  Never complained... She did cry when she found out Mary left her lunch at home Friday!  I laughed at her!!  But seriously, we are only able to have 5 kids and take care of them so well because she is there to love and care for them right beside me.  I love you MOM!!  Thanks for always being willing to lend a helping hand.  I want to grow up and be just like you!!  You are the best Granny!  I owe you one!
Tried out the Gulf.  Went a touch too early - I wanted the nightlight atmosphere.  Next time we know when to go!

Dinner at the Oyster Bar

This is where I parked myself for a good 3 days!

Slushies at Sunset

Blurry of us - but he is always our waiter at Cobalt...took this one to make Erin mad!  ha!

Dressed up for the ceremony

Thanks to Amanda (and BJ) we made it to the beach

Late night dinner at LuLu's

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