Sunday, April 26, 2015

Recital 2015: Thank you, Thank you very much!

It's the day the girls get to get on that BIG stage and dance and now twirl their little hearts out.
It's the day they get to wear make up.
It's the day they get to put on costumes.
It's the day all their hard work pays off.
It's the day we cheer their names (probably a little too loudly).
It's the day they make this momma PROUD!

Anna loves the stage and she dances with so much life, sass, spirit, heart...
She just goes for it and has so much fun. 
Her and I both struggle with being anxious so one day I asked her how she could dance on stage without being nervous.  Her reply, "It's best at recital because you are on a huge stage, with a big spotlight, and you can't see anyone!"  I guess it's just her and the stage.  That is exactly how she dances on it too.
I really wish I had her nerve.  To get out on a big stage and perform.  She loves it - loves a stage.  I love attention but a stage absolutely TERRIFIES me!!  Another reason she's better than me.

Oh my Mary!!  This year while waiting during Anna and Riley's class Mary found Shalita and told her she wanted to twirl while she waited for them.  So before I know it she's signed up for Baton.  Shalita said, "My sweet Mary can do whatever she wants!   And she wants to twirl!"  Well, ok then!  I'm starting to realize people can't tell her no!  BUT, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Shalita for not telling her no because she has absolutely won my heart over with her twirling. 
She is my kid so I think she's great anyway...but I really think she's good at it.  I honestly thought we were all gonna be missing some teeth when she started but she is amazing us!  She has so much control and she is developing a passion for it.  It's her thing!   She had me in tears (the so proud happy tears) to the song "Knock on Wood" - that's ridiculous.  ha!

And dancing is also her thing!  She adores Mrs. Shalita I think just as much as I do.  But her dancing was so cute - she can shake it with the best of them.  It's crazy because she is so sweet, quiet, SLOW - but on the stage she turns into someone we don't get to see a lot at home.  And I just love watching her shine.  She's great!  Makes my heart so happy!

I'm so proud of my girls!  Very thankful the Lord saw fit to give them to me (plus the one waiting in the wings - ready to start dancing herself).

And then there's our BFF Riley!
We roped her into taking dance with us this year because she loves to dance.
And she loves being a Dollar
This girls got all kinds of rhythm.  
She's a nut.
We love her.
We can't live without her.
She's the 6th Dollar.
They call the the DiBeneDollars.

And here's my friend Shalita (blue scarf, red shoes.. seriously...RED SHOES!!).
She's my friend.  I'm not at all lying when I say that! ha!  
And if you could see her now.  Oh, if you could!!
Shalita, congrats to you - 10 years of OWNING your own studio.
(and by the way... where has the time gone?)
It seems like yesterday we were memorizing your studio PASSAGE (not verse).
I remember the day you told me about opening your own studio.
I remember praying for wisdom about the studio.
I remember only 2 teachers teaching at the studio.
I remember subbing for you when you were pregnant - pulled a little Jazzercise moves into the studio.  I'm pretty sure you had a pretty bad lapse of judgement at that point!  HA!
I remember being so proud of you...For doing something you said you would never do.  
Proud of you for letting the Lord lead you through it and trusting him.
Proud of you for being excellent at it (as unto the Lord).
Every year I'm proud you give your studio testimony - in that you never forget to tell the amazing story!
You give glory back to God.  I'm always so focused on my kids and how well they did and then you give your testimony and it reminds me just how much God worked in your life to even get my kids to the stage.  
And that stage is not about my kids or about you... It's about God!  And I love that you remind me of that every year.  Every year at the last song you say, "Page, remember this story?  Remember what God did?"
Thank you for obeying the Lord.  Because through your obedience my kids have an opportunity to dance on the big stage they love so much.
And they get to hear a testimony of a girl who obeyed God and was blessed in big ways.
And they get to see a girl who loves Jesus a whole LOT and lets him shine through her weekly.
And they get to look up to a girl that seeks after God!

I love you my sweet (most of the time long lost, my fault) friend.
We don't get to talk much anymore but I still treasure every CBS class we ever taught together, every Rebel Rouser prayer night, every dance class I sat in, and every text I get from you.  Thank you for continuing to plant gospel seeds in my kids, for loving them, praying for them, and teaching them how to dance (lord knows they kinda need help - ha)  And though I'm the worst dance mom ever ...  You are one of my neatest friends and I really love you! 

Cellphone pics:
Leaving them backstage!  Ready for the SHOW!
Sue took this picture in the audience.  You can't see her face but it is just a great picture to me!

After Baton...Mary's ready to tap - just in the nick of time! 

Beach Beauties.
Mary said she loves dancing with her "friend cousin LaLa"

My little BFF loving on Mary!

Sometimes...You just have to live through your kids.  Yes, we'll take all the rewards!
Thank you, Thank you very much!

My favorite nut faces!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beach Trip: Just the 2 of us

Jason and I got to get away again this year!  I can't believe it.  And we had a lot of fun doing a whole lot of NOTHING.  And while we were away we realized how much we really do when we are home.  Very, very bad week to plan a getaway but when you gotta go... You gotta go!

Our friends Amanda and BJ planned to renew their vows Thursday, April 23, on the beach.  They asked Jason to come do the ceremony.  It was really small and sweet.

So, Monday we head down to the beach...It pretty much took us all day to get out of the house.  But we made it to the beach around 5... went to the grocery store and got settled in - ready for some SUN!

We pretty much stayed by the pool all day Tuesday and Wednesday... Thursday I went out for an hour and came back in and napped until the ceremony.  Just had to get all my resting in before the end of Friday (travel and rehearsal) and Saturday (Recital)  - there will be no resting after Thursday.

We went out to eat at the Gulf, Oyster Bar, Cobalt, Waffle House, & LuLu's.  And my personal favorite was the homemade slushies we had at Sunset.

I love being with Jason.  An outsider looking in would think we were the most boringest people ever.  But just being together - just sitting by each other, just being content in each others company is a pretty great blessing.   We don't get that very often with 5 kids - and we feel very blessed by the opportunity to take time out to be with each matter how boring it may appear.  Because our everyday lives...are FAR from boring.  ha!  Right Granny!!!

And by the way, I have the best mom ever!  She took on taking care of our kids while we were away! They had SCHOOL, softball game, band concert, and dance - they were running everyday!  She's a trooper - the best.  Never complained... She did cry when she found out Mary left her lunch at home Friday!  I laughed at her!!  But seriously, we are only able to have 5 kids and take care of them so well because she is there to love and care for them right beside me.  I love you MOM!!  Thanks for always being willing to lend a helping hand.  I want to grow up and be just like you!!  You are the best Granny!  I owe you one!
Tried out the Gulf.  Went a touch too early - I wanted the nightlight atmosphere.  Next time we know when to go!

Dinner at the Oyster Bar

This is where I parked myself for a good 3 days!

Slushies at Sunset

Blurry of us - but he is always our waiter at Cobalt...took this one to make Erin mad!  ha!

Dressed up for the ceremony

Thanks to Amanda (and BJ) we made it to the beach

Late night dinner at LuLu's

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mary Celebrates 7

This year instead of having a Pickle Party Mary wanted to go see the movie HOME and eat at SUMO with Avery.  So, that's what we did...

Such sweet friends!  Ready for the show! 

 Bobbie and I loved HOME too.  We laughed and cried.

Bree made Mary a super cute and delicious cake! 

And we had a blast!  The worst part of the trip was when Mary and Avery barely touched their food... Bobbie and I got really excited and filled up 2 FULL take home boxes of really really good Sumo chicken, steak, rice, shrimp, noodles, veggies..... and we LEFT THEM ON THE TABLE.  I called when we realized we left them.  We were only about 5 mins out and they had already thrown them away!  It did cross my mind to tell them to get it out of the trash.  ha!  It's in a box?!?  I was sad.   Just about ruined my trip!  I might not ever get over it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


That's what we call them.  Flippers = TV remote controls... whatever.  It's always been the flipper to me! ha!

So, we lost ours.  And it was gone for about 3 weeks.  It was GONE ... we could not find it.  So we ordered a new one.  We had it for about 2 weeks before it went missing also.  So, we really had to find it.  We had looked under and in the couches but not UNDER the picked it up.  Ashamed to see what under the couch looks like but...


If you can't see they are in the pile of stuff under the 1st square.

Let's just say under the couch doesn't look like that anymore.  It had a clean sweep!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Karaoke Night at McAllisters

Anna loves some Karaoke.  We thought it was gonna be a big deal...stage, speakers, etc.  Nope.  It was a corner table with an iPad and microphone.  But, she's like her momma and tries to make the most of every situation.

So there was no stage but she had a blast.  And she sang with one of her friends from student council - Riley.

They sang "Blank Space"  - not my favorite but they did good!  As I recorded Noah and I tried to make Anna laugh and distract her.  She just thought we were stupid.  But what are parents or brothers if not stupid?

Fun night!

Mary 7?

Well, SWEET BABY MARY went off and turned 7!!

What do you do when you turn 7?
You celebrate the WHOLE WEEKEND!!!
You play baseball...

 Have a LITTLE PARTY at home with the fam (bc she is choosing dinner and a movie with friends)
Tannehill with the siblings
CHICKFILA for some ice cream and playground.
Then a PIRATE party with your bestie!
Thanks for the FUN weekend MARE!!

Sweet Mary Selah Dollar - I love you so much I could scream!  You are such a blessing!  So much so God put you right smack dab in the middle of our family.  You are the best little sister and big sister.  You have made me so proud with all your softball and dance and especially baton.  I love you baby girl.  Keep enjoying LIFE and most importantly LOVE and ENJOY JESUS! 

Mary 1 Year Old
Mary 2 Years Old

Mary 3 Years Old

Mary 4 Years Old
Mary 5 Years Old
Mary 6 Years Old