Thursday, March 19, 2015


We are having a very bad March.  Everyone is dropping like flies.  It all started with Mary!  She got the flu.  It hit her very hard.  Her fevers got really high and she could not get up off the couch.  I came home from the women's retreat and she wanted to go out to eat and we did go but she wanted to leave because she wasn't feeling well.  And after that day she stayed on the couch for a full week.  Unable to move.  It was so sad.  It really knocked her out.

Then Isaac started having a fever and not feeling well but he was not near as bad as Mary.  But I took him to the dr anyway.  He tested positive for Flu A&B.  He did not rest as much as Mary did and he was not knocked down as bad.  He would play even outside if he didn't have a fever.  He missed the rest of the week of school because he had the flu but he was much more active.

Then me...I felt my throat hurting when I swallowed.  I had low grade fever didn't feel too terrible even worked - I did not stop - just go antibiotics and kept going.

Then, Noah started feeling bad.  He had bad conjestion so I took him to get swabbed.  He thought he had strep.  He didn't.  But Isaac and Mary were bummed about going to school and I honestly thought they were faking "being sick" - saying their throat hurt too.  I mean, Mary just got over the flu and Isaac too... They were on the mend.  Not getting sick again.  So I just said, swab them so they will hush.  2 positive strep tests.  WORST MOM EVER.  So I took them all home to rest.

After all that...Noah came down with the flu and it put him in the bed for a WEEK.  He was just like Mary.  He could not get off the couch.  High fever, he would cry, couldn't eat, it was really really sad.

But we are officially well now.  So very thankful to the Lord.

Jason, Anna, and Eden all survived the plague of 2015.

Everyone had so much homework from missing school.  Anna helped them all stay on task.  Eden, just has to be in the middle of everything.

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