Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Oh how I miss our old traditions.  Watching the ball drop at Keith and Amy's house (about 17 years ago - CRAZY, how can it be that long ago?!?).  I miss making Gingerbread Houses with the Hootens.  Those memories have a special special place in my heart.  But as things change, I'm so thankful for the friends God has put in my life and our family's life and I'm so thankful we can host a New Year's Party at our house and make new memories.  Memories the kids continue to enjoy!

I love our house.  I LOVE IT!!  The boys have put a fire pit in the back and we had a fire complete with s'mores.  It was cold but the fire was warm!  It was so great to have all the kids play together the men by the fire and the girls in the den with our own little fire.  

The kids had so much fun playing with all the new Christmas toys, cutting wood for the fire, playing hide and seek in the dark, playing basketball.

Jason and I enjoyed time with our friends.  There was endless conversation, laughter, and let's not forget a hint of Nacho Libre.  Not a party without him.  He's the BEST!  ha!

The girls rang the new year in by the fire with the kids eating s'mores (or as I call them SOME'MORES).  Apparently my hair caught on fire and no one was willing to save me.  No worries...I'll save myself.    We passed the sparkling grape juice bottle around the circle and told new years resolutions.

Looking forward to 2015.  So far it's been GREAT!  Surrounded by my family and our friends in our community we love so dear.

Here is what I hope 2015 holds:
Bwood Women's Retreat (Jan)
RMLBC Women's Retreat & Noah's Bday TEENAGER (Feb)
15 year anniversary - crossing my fingers for a getaway with Jason (Mar)
Mary's Pickle Party (Apr)
Eden's 2nd Bday & Memorial Day celebrations (May)
35th Bday (June)
Isaac's Bday, Jason (&Jeremy's) Bday and some big FIREWORKS and Thunder on Hueytown
New School Year (Anna goes to MIDDLE SCHOOL) (Aug)
Girls Trip (Sept)
Family Vacay (Oct)
Thanksgiving & Christmas with family and friends and our church.

Those will be my highlights

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