Thursday, February 19, 2015


Thursday started off with a "late start" at school because of freezing temps.  So I took these friends to Chickfila.

It's costume day at dance.  So fun!  I think the girls all look so cute in their costumes.  I cannot wait for recital.  Except I have FIVE numbers to keep up with.

This is so Anna...  She stands out of a crowd.  Following a different beat, wearing a different color.  ha!   Love my girl!


This poor girl.  This costume and her hips...they don't mix.  But she's cute no matter what!
I LOVE BATON!!  It's my favorite and Mary loves it.  



Dance one  -tap

Dance 2...Love this dance.  So cute!
And to top off all the fun and excitement SALLY came to see us!!  We ate at Sals with her.  I miss and love her so much!  We had so much fun catching up!

Such a great way to end the day.

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