Sunday, February 1, 2015

Briarwood Women's Retreat

I stole away and went with Briarwood on their women's retreat.  It was a great short get away.

We rode on a BUS!  I was not too excited about this but it ended up being fun!  This is my roomie.  I love LeighAnn.  She's crazy like me and she's my little get away when I'm at work.  Love her!

 More of the gang.  We are ready to RIDE!

Made it!  It's so beautiful!!  I love the beach!

Bree and I missed Barbs so much!  She's our 3rd wheel.  And we like 3 wheels!

These two put together the whole retreat.  I love working with these two as well.

My hood is outrageous!


 This is before we made a run to the bus in the RAIN!!!

And after!!


You just can't go wrong when you venture to the beach with friends.  The speakers were great and it was all about friendship.  I really wish I would have taken my RMLBC friends with me.

The main thing I took away is spend time with the Lord.  Journal, talk to him, pursue him... seek HIM.  He loves his kids!

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