Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celebrating the WIN!

Well, it's time to celebrate our BIG WIN from the Christmas Dessert Competition.

Jason wanted us to go to a pizza place that he heard was really good.  It's called Tortuga's.  BUT...It was closed.  

So we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.  

Looking back it was a funny lunch.  All the boys sat on one side...facing the TV - all the girls sat across from them.  When really, the girls just would have been happy to talk and the boys happy to "talk" and watch sports.  We tried to socialize but it was funny because we ended up talking about Noah having a girlfriend and John being so disappointed that he had "awakened love."  

Barbara, Bree, LeighAnn, and I all had a good laugh when we got back.  

NEXT TIME WE WIN... We are calling lunch into the office.  Or getting a different seating arrangement.  But we were very happy to win and did have fun together.  We've got a great team.

Oops!!  No lunch served here!

It is always fun when we are together.

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