Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's turn it all back to Eden

Well, look at that.  You think I've fallen off the wagon.  It's been since 4 months since Eden graced the blog!  Nope.  I've got this.  I have an app on my phone and I've been keeping up with Eden there.  SO THANKFUL because finding time to blog has been somewhat of a chore.  But I don't ever want to forget.  And heaven knows I will and I'll even wonder if Eden was ever a baby.

Her first year is FLYING BY.  Everyday I wake up and I'm shocked she's another day older and now another MONTH older.  But with every milestone she's getting cuter and cuter, smarter and smarter, funner and funner!  The kids adore her more and more everyday as she learns to interact with them.

She's definitely a "Dollar" through and through.

5 months

16lbs 4oz
She found her feet!  She laughs out loud, loves her siblings, eats baby food, and sleeps MUCH BETTER!  She attended her first fall festival as a skeleton and celebrated her 1st Halloween as a Penguin (Noah was her iceberg)!  She started screaming, which sounded a lot like Anna... All happy screams.  She swung on the swings for the first time at a park - loved it.  She started chewing on everything - though no teeth came up!  She did get another ear infection and pink eye that month.   

6 months

She learned to sit up!  Such a big accomplishment!  She also got into crawling position!  But didn't go anywhere.  Just up on her knees rocking.  She got a double ear infection and asthma - boo!  It took some time to get her well.  But it is winter!  When she was six months we moved to Rock Mountain Lakes and she got a room!  With Mary.  She had been sleeping in our living room.  Poor baby!  But Mary requested to share a room with Eden.  She met Santa and had her 1st Christmas!

7 months

16lbs 8oz
I think she was sick so much during the last month that she didn't gain much weight.  She stayed in the 16 pound range for a while.  At 7 months she experienced Granny's 1st Christmas (that's a big deal).  Had her 1st New Years Celebration with friends and a campfire!  Went to another movie...this time FROZEN.  Started scooting to get where she needed to go.  She started clapping her hands and all out crawling.  She got her 1st tooth and the FLU (with me).

8 months

She experienced her 1st snow - and hated it.  She started holding her bottle (she's spoiled - I always hold it for her).  She started saying "bye-bye" and waving.   She got another tooth.  She got a baby bed!  We finally dug it out from under my parents house!  Out of the pack and play!  YAY!  And now she is pulling up on everything trying to stand.   

And tomorrow... she will be 9 months

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Isaac Rides

Today Isaac learned to ride a bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS.  Our neighbors had a bike that was too small for their son so they let Isaac have a go.

Noah helped him a little but then he had it.  Now his only trouble is getting on and getting started.  Going and stopping are not a problem!!

So proud!  Such a fast learner.

We had such a great day outside.  We had some friends over after church and the kids played in the hose and got all wet.  The weather was beautiful!  Looking forward to spring!!

The day started with a Sunday Stroll to Church!  Perfect day for that!


Eden continues to pull up on everything she can!  

So hard to believe she is doing this!!  

I guess it was a real wear you out kind of day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I really enjoy my job!  REALLY!  I love all the people and it's really a great place to work.  Because in working you are doing KINGDOM work.  It's not just for the money...it really is a ministry.  And, I love it.

BUT, I hate evaluation time!  Hate it.  And this year has been the year of distractions for me.  I really feel ADD since Eden has been born.  It's a new ball in the juggling act.

I'm a people pleaser to hear an evaluation always makes me think the "higher ups" aren't "pleased" ... which is so not the case and they stress it to me every year.  But I'm visibly shaken when evaluation time comes.

So, my people think they are funny!  And they are.  This year I was handed this as my "evaluation"... Thank the Lord is was not real.  And that I too have a sense of humor.  Made me just love these people a little more.

They are so patient and kind and a pleasure to work with.  I'm glad I met their expectations this year.  Praying 2014 is a year of beyond expectations.  I'm setting that bar a touch higher.  Ha!

Well, with one set back...  Celebrate evaluations with Mrs. America makeover.  I love my Barbs!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Noah's Birthday

Some how this sweet chuck of love has turned into a 12 year old tall skinny boy!  THIS IS IT!  Next year he's a teenager.  I will have a teenager.

This year we celebrated by going to McAlisters for lunch.  Then over to Gamestop.  He found 2 games he wanted.  It's hit or miss there!  But luckily he found something he wanted.  Then we came home, got dad, went to the Galleria to get a COOKIE CAKE, then to 2nd and Charles, which he didn't find anything there which put a damper on things.  Then to Pablo's to eat with the Cvachos.  Seeing Will made all things better again.  He's getting big so fast!  Hope he enjoyed his little celebration!

At 12 he is 5.2 and weighs 80 something (ha)...  I personally think he is so cute...such a heart throb!

He loves his xbox and any video games.  He loves his bb gun and I find bb's everywhere!!  EVERYWHERE!    He likes to build and make things with his hands.  He loves people and still makes friends so easily.  We moved and he already has a neighborhood full of friends.  I love that about him.

He loves cereal (any kind), he loves candy (any kind).  He still stuffs his pockets with stuff...money, candy, trash, bb's...always gotta check those pockets!  His wife is gonna love that!    He doesn't like school all that much - the work side of it...the people side of it...he LOVES it.   He can play the tuba really really good but in the move he got moved over to percussion.  He is very talented in the instrument scene.  He doesn't like to sing but the instruments he finds a lot of interest in.  He has no girl friend and has no desire for one.  He's all about being in the woods, fishing, and video games.  No girl has shown interest in that so... they are out.

He's great with Mary, Isaac, and Eden.  He plays really well with them and they adore him.  Anna is a different story.  He does love her though, I know he does...he leaves hints of his love for her all around but they can't let us know about it.  ha!  Their love consists of bugging each other to death.  He is still a really good kid with an occasional smart mouth.  And by occasional I mean everyday all the time.  He wants to be funny so bad but he hasn't yet figured out the time and place for that....ha!  

I still pray that he will grow spiritually and pray he seeks the Lord all the days of his life.  I pray he finds that the Lord brings more joy and satisfaction and meaning to this life far above all the things mentioned above.

I love this kid and how he's shaped me as a mom and person.  He's our little guinea pig sometimes poor guy.  But he's been so gracious to us as we learn.  Love love love him and feel super blessed that the Lord allowed me to have HIM!


Oh how the years go by!!  

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentines

The snow set everything back really! 

To my Valentines!

I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times Jason and I have celebrated Valentines with a date.  We get the little treats.  I mean who can pass those up?  This was the kids set up Jason got some candy too.  And he treated me to DOVE chocolate and a sweet thoughtful card.  That's all I needed.  Felt the love!

BUT this year our church decided to have a Parent's Night Out.  Several people came out to help and we had around 20 kids.  We had a lot of fun with them.  I got a different class then I normally have.  Because I have this best friend that is 3 - so I requested her class.  I mean...It's valentines!  You gotta be with the ones you love!

Erin and I had to get the supplies for the PNO and I got the kids Valentines and donuts while we were out.  So they work up with candy and donuts for breakfast.  NO ONE even ate them until this guy woke up.  He is my Valentine this year.  He loved my gift and we enjoyed the donuts together.  Favorite kid for this day!
Our night consisted of heart hunts, stacking hearts, heart crafts, and Charlie Brown Valentine movie.

This is about all I could stack.   Harder then it looks! But Mindy rocked the stacking game.  Yes, we are not above taking down the 3/4 year olds. 

There's my sweet Valentine!
LOVE how these turned out and framed mine when I got home!

My best friend Addy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Snow

So the story goes...There will be snow again!  Again?  We don't play now.  The kids go to school Monday.  The bad weather is expected to hit Tuesday.  School is cancelled!  And it's cold - and rains for 2 whole days - rain...no snow.  And school is cancelled.  We watch and wait, and watch and wait!  And just when we give up hope... It comes.  SNOW!!!  It started and it looked light, then our neighbor texted us and said, "Have you looked outside?"  NO!  We had not.  It had only been snowing for about 45 minutes and it didn't look like it was accumulating.  Well... It did and fast.  And it was fun snow.  We all bundled up (except dad and eden) and went outside to play.  

The kids made a snowman - it's the biggest they had ever made.  Our neighbors came out to help and then we had a snowball fight with them.  It was so much fun.  And beautiful.  Quite perfect.

WAITING AND WATCHING FOR SNOW!  It had just started!

Mary: PJs, snow boots, ROBE, scarf and hat... Whatever works!

Ready to play!  I love that they were in their PJs and they just threw on stuff over them!

The kids with the snowman!


Eating some snow!

Our perfect house in the snow!  I wish you could see it better!  

Have I mentioned we love living here?!?  If not, we do!