Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We are a little intense!

I LOVE my JOB!!  And all the fun people that work there, especially Barbara and Bree (my gang).  At Christmas we have our Annual Christmas lunch complete with a dessert competition.

For 5 years we have tried to win.  Last year, we picked it up a notch with a poem.  This year it was a song and pettifors for every staff member.  We went all out...

It's about to get really serious! 
Bree loves some MATH!!  Measuring the pettifors!

Mixing the giant gingerbread house!

Cutting out the house!

Eden hates Barbara - they may have made up!  Not sure!
Starting to decorate our Gingerbread church!!

They made it look so pretty!

Just a little details!

And we WON!!!!  

It's Christmas Time at Briarwood and this is what I see:

Why is Jason Springfield always videoing me?
Matt says no one's working
Bruce thinks he's funny
Harry's still long winded
Dr. Barker's sleeping
I can hear LeighAnn
Skinny Jeans on Jeremy
Wayne just told me NO
Benny Benny Ginny
Who are all these fellows
Dress code's just an option

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