Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Sunday we woke up and went to the manger!  Isaac and Mary were in a little church skit.  Sally, remember we did this at Valley East?  I told our Children's Minister about it and they loved the idea.  I was so glad Mary and Isaac got to do it like Noah and Anna.  Isaac was the mouse!  He was the star of the show!  And Mary was "Mary" - she did great too!!  All the kids were just so cute!  I just love that story!

Me and My Best Friend - Addy was a puppy. 

There's sweet Mary!  They made it to the manger!
Joseph was so cute!!  He was just singing from his heart.

Cookie making after the program.

Boy did they decorate!
After church we had a very special visit!  Xavier and Karen came by to visit.  Xavier was Jason's roommate in college.  A very special friend.  They have 2 girls that are the same age as Anna and Mary.

Mary and Evie were FAST friends.

Anna and Elliya were so cute.  Elliya is a little shy but Anna can break through that!

Eden fell asleep listening to them play!
After a couple of hours with Xavier and Karen we went to the nursing home to carol.  It's always so fun to bring a little Christmas Cheer to the people at Plantation Manor!

The girls gave out Candy Canes - they were so sweet!

Then off to the church to eat and SEE SANTA!!

Barbara was first in line!

Remy and Eden HATED Santa!


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