Thursday, December 18, 2014

School Christmas

I did dread going to the kids school especially being there by 8am!  But I'm so glad I went.  I had such a great time celebrating Christmas with them.

First stop, Isaac's class had breakfast with Santa!  I love Isaac's teacher.  And I really loved watching her interact with them.  I knew she sang to them a lot because I comes home and sings a lot.  I love that.  She sang Christmas songs with them while they waited and it was the sweetest sound hearing all the kids sing a long.

 This Santa was great!  After breakfast he said he was going to tell them a story about why he gives gifts!  And he proceeded to tell them the Luke 2 Christmas story about the birth of Jesus.  The shepherds - the whole thing!  I loved it.

Then he said he would tell them another story about himself.  And he told "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Love it!

Isaac and Logan!

Isaac's class with Santa

A sweet school assignment!  "I am thankful for mommy" and the teacher wrote what the picture was "Mommy hugging me"  I love that kid!

Mary's assignment - a note to Santa
Dear Santa,
I'm ok.  I want roller-skates.  I want a bike and I want a kindle fire.
Love Mary
 Next...Party with Mary.  I love her teacher too!  I hope we get her again next year.  She's great and really enjoys the kids!  I love teachers who love kids!

We made Christmas trees together

And they tasted great!

Love her licking her fingers!

Next...Party with Anna.  And she kinda got mad at me because I didn't party with her very long.  But I loved talking with her and all her friends.  They all say she's crazy and the life of the party.  Love my girl!

I finally made it to work and guess who was my TWIN!?!  My crazy friend LeighAnn.  We were a Christmas pair... Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Lunch with my long lost bestie
Could this day get any better?
Yes it can!

Jake and Jasmine came by with sweet sweet Habor Sage!  Loved visiting with them!  Catching up and holding Harbor!

Such a great fun day!!  One to remember!

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