Saturday, December 20, 2014

McCalla Christmas Parade

Anna was in the McCalla 1st Annual Christmas Parade.  She walked with MES Student Council.  She is just like me in a lot of ways - but she has the BRAINS!  And she's so into school and activities.  She's went out for Student Council and got in - such a huge accomplishment!!  She helped organize a teddy bear drive for the 5th grade and she made sure to give.  She made sure I knew the importance of participating too.  She's on it!

I stayed home with Eden because it was a little cold and sometimes events turn miserable when Eden participates (see the All County Choir post).  But Jason took video.  It screams CHRISTMAS TIME. And it so reminds me of when I was little and we would go see Santa on the firetruck with friends (Mrs. Jackie and Sandy Poole).

I'm so thankful for Anna and her accomplishments.  I'm so glad she was able to participate!  I'm so glad Jason was awesome enough to take her and Mary and Isaac because they had a great time.

Merry Christmas!


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