Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Granny and Grandaddy's Christmas

So I woke up with a fever.  I was really concerned I had the flu.  People at church were getting sick left and right!  It was crazy.  I could NOT be sick on Christmas!  So I woke up and went to the doctor.    Diagnosis was STREP.  I was so thankful flu was negative.  After antibiotics and a shot I headed home to "rest" until we had to leave for Christmas with mom!  As long as my fever was down I felt fine to go.  I can't miss Christmas.  My brother felt bad too, and even Turner missed Christmas because he was sick and his asthma had gotten really bad that day.

But through it all we ended up having a really good time.  Christmas with Granny is almost as good as Santa (if not better).  We all look forward to it and count down every year!

Eden!!  It's Christmas!

Eden got her first ride!  Frozen car!

Disney Infinity 2.0

American Girl doll bed and bedding!  So excited!

American girl doll bed and bedding!

He got MUCK boots!

I lub my sister!

Best Cousins and FRIENDS FOREVER!

I got oils!!  Jason got coffee!  My grandmother also gave us name plaques that used to hang in her house!  I love them!  I cannot wait to hang them in my house!  
And here is to a good nights rest! Peace and Calming

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