Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving this year was a day early!  But we were all together and it was perfect.  The kids had a great time playing together - especially with Cole and Turner.  It's always fun when they are around.  There is never a dull moment.  EVER!

All the girls!

Trying to get a picture of all of the kids proved to be pure chaos!

This will do

Isaac LOVES Cole!!
15 and 5

Thanksgiving day we spent the day with Jason's parents and Darlene's side of the family.  There was so good food there.  It was too cold to be outside so Eden and I stayed inside.

Noah of course found his way outside.  Made a fire and a teepee.  That kid loves his pop and 
mawmaw's house.  He's so outdoorsy.


Friday, November 21, 2014

All County Choir Christmas Concert

Anna sang in the All County Choir last night! This was my view... TIP TOP of the highest balcony! She is on the left side front row with the white tights on.  They sounded so good! But taking 4 other kids was somewhat of a nightmare!  Once we got to the tip top of the balcony (bc there were no seats but there) Eden starts SCREAMING, like screaming, like she wasn't sitting up there kind of screaming!  I'm hot and somewhat claustrophobic, telling myself... It's fine, it will be over soon, just breath...  Mary starts crying that her hinny was itching (GAH, really?!? Here?  Now?!?) and Isaac looked at me and asked, "When is that curtain gonna close?"  Noah had a TERRIBLE attitude all night!  Not sure how I'm gonna handle the teenage years.  I'm pretty sure I've been wondering that since he was 3!!!   I'm traumatized.  I'm sure of it.  

My mom took the kids to the car because I thought it was over at 9 - Nope 9:30!!  But I walked down and stood in the doorway right where I could see her and she could see me.  Then I enjoyed her for about 30mins.  Without the others. 

I'm still trying to recover from last night! Next year it's date night for me and Jason! Thanks mom for helping me last night! Could NOT have done it without you! You are the best!!

I felt bad for Anna!  I really wanted to celebrate her and her accomplishments but the other kids were not going to let that happen.  But... Anna rocks my socks off and I'm so proud of her!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween/Fall Festival

We had such a FUN Halloween this year.  It's fun when it's on Friday!  Everyone around here goes to different neighborhoods to trick or treat or church festivals.  I want our neighborhood to be "Where's it's at!"  We have a lot of houses here and a great little nook for Trick or Treating.

This year was a trial year and I hope it gets better every year.  We had chili, and next year we will just have snacks.  There were 41 people here at the house - I did not think that many people would come. There really wasn't enough for people to eat dinner but we made it work just fine!  Then we all went trick or treating!  Everyone was so happy to see trick or treaters.  They said it's been quiet on Halloween for years.  Then after we got done trick or treating we hung out in the front yard (by a fire) and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on the fence outside.  This summer I hope to do some movies on the Lawn.  It was a great set up but COLD.

All the Trick or Treaters!

Ending the night with our FAVORITE PERSON!!  Our girls are crazy about Rey!

The church's fall festival was after Halloween.  Which I kinda loved because I'm always so tired of Halloween by the time it finally gets here.  So to me it was great to get a little more candy and play some games and dress up one more time just for fun.

The festival is always a success!  Always.  Jason of course did great on the Hayride.  This year I hit the big time when I got Noah and Hunter to run my game (the joys of having a big kid now).  My favorite thing this year was the HOMEMADE corndogs.  Heather and her team go big at the CAKE WALK.  The friends and costumes and fellowship is so fun.  Eden does not particularly like Halloween.  Everyone scared her!  She was checking over her shoulder all night.  Better luck next year with her!

My personal favorite.  The making of the corn dogs!

Eden...looking like Mary!

I love my girlfriends!

Eden struggled with all the costumes!  I sent her home with GRANNY!

Choosing the best treats!  Can't lose!

After this night Anna wants to be a face painter!

Isaac and his buddies! 

Jason's puppet this year.  Faithful with sharing the gospel with the Hayriders!

Working the fishing booth with a couple of my besties!

Avery and Mary!

Avery, Mary and Avery's grandmother BARBARA!  They aren't scared!  HA!

Then there are these I took before the festival.  

He's getting to big!!