Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

The little girls at church have been wanting to have a Slumber Party since this summer.  We've never gotten around to it.  Britt and I decided to just jump in and do it already.  So we threw one together.  The adults hung out and talked/laughed while all the kids played together in various Sunday School rooms for a long time, and then we got them together to do GLOW IN THE DARK pumpkins/squash.  They were so cute and of course mine was my favorite and I had to put my hands in everyone's.  I couldn't just let the project go... You know and let the kids do them.  And they worked.  They were so cute.

We ate snacks and settled them down with a movie.  Everyone was asleep at 1:30am - at which point...I could sleep....sorta!

The next morning Britt got up and made everyone breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, toast.  And I did another craft with the kids.  It was a pillowcase craft.  Britt wrote everyone's name on a pillowcase and your pillowcase got passed around to each person.  They had to write their favorite thing about that person on the pillowcase.  It was super fun and the kids were very thoughtful. 

We got to come home and rest a few hours before the HOOTEN'S came over!  I've missed them so much and I'm pretty sure it's almost been a year since I've seen them.  SAD!  So we did a lot of catching up and Halloween celebrating.  Miss my buddy!!


It was a great weekend...tiring but so much fun!


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