Monday, October 6, 2014

1st Annual DiBeneDollar Beach Vacay 2014

We had a blast at the Beach with friends.  I cannot believe we actually pulled it off and everyone survived SANE and HAPPY!  And...we are all still friends.  Except maybe me and Addy (jk - I still love my very stubborn BFF). 

We took 9 kids to the beach with only 4 adults.  Which included Noah's friend.  yes, we were crazy enough to let Noah bring a friend.  But I'm glad we did.  Everyone has a friend in the family except him.  So we adopted a kid.  And we love Jackson.  He was easier then Noah. 

We left around 6:30pm - stopped at Wendy's for dinner and then hit the road.  When we got to Pelham the "are we there yet" started.  We thought they would sleep on the way there but NOPE...the nerves and excitement was way too high.  Isaac and Asher slept and I'm 99.9% sure they were up all night Thursday night.  ALL NIGHT!  We got to the condo around 11 pm.  It was so windy then.  The storm was coming in!  Got everyone settled and in bed to hit the beach the next day. 

It rained the first day we got there but when it cleared up we went outside.  We moved from pool to pool - Isaac also busted his chin that day.  We maybe were out there 2 hours, MAYBE, before we had an injury.  But Shea doctored him up and he was good to go for the rest of the weekend.  He didn't run around the pool anymore after that either.

I had to save this fish.. Noah caught it and dropped it and couldn't get it back in the water. 

I have no clue WHAT Noah is doing!!

Jellyfish...See him?


They loved these things!

Rough...but REAL LIFE!

Playing with J.

Found a hermit crab

Beautiful Sunset.  Kept getting prettier and prettier.  Worth the rain to see the these clouds in the setting sun!

It was cold the next day with 15mph winds.  So we took that madness to the beach.  It was kinda funny.  There was an invasion of jellyfish so the kids really couldn't get in the water.  So why were we there?!?  Not sure.  But there was not a cloud in the sky. 

We fed the seagulls.  That was probably my favorite thing of our whole trip.  Of course Addi was hungry so right when our feet hit the sand she wants to eat.  Shea pulls out the Cheese Puffs and all of a sudden there are 15 birds hovering around us.  Shea said, "Let me just see if they will take it out of my hand."  - Yep...they sure will.  They will straight up eat our of your hand.  So the kids loved that.  When the cheesepuffs were gone Jason took all 9 kids down the beach (we were kinda in the bay area so he walked them to the beach part).  He said there were no jellyfish and the kids got in a while.  Eden HATED the beach (maybe it was the sand, maybe it was the wind - who knows...but she wasn't happy).  She cried until she finally fell asleep.  Shea and I enjoyed some peace and quiet - for a minute.  Then we took it to the pools for the rest of the day.  The kids had to swim in the warm pools or inside pool because it was so cold.  Shea and I found a spot by the building that blocked the winds and actually warmed up a little.  No wind is gonna slow us down. 


Addy's face is hilarious!

Game night with Jeremy.  If you get a 3 you have to go to bed!  Wonder who got the 3.  Jason, Shea, and I all wanted that 3 card.

We got to do better on our games but this worked and was a lot of fun.  Jeremy had them winning snacks out of my snack stash.  Which was a TREAT...I'm protective of my snacks!

Sunday and Monday we did the pool all day long.  ALL DAY!  We rotated pool to pool.  The big kids did a little fishing and then would come swim.  It was so great to be with friends.  I hope hope hope we can do it again.  Already have my countdown ticking.  We already put some people on probation.  If they don't get it together they don't get to come back.  Noah and Addi!!  HA! 

LINE UP!!  It's Sunscreen time!  I had sunscreen duty.  That was 7 little bodies to cover.

I cannot wait until the girls actually like just laying out.  They sat with us for maybe 15 minutes!

This dude thought it was IT!!!  He cracked us up all weekend.  I wish I could have captured the kids faces when he would come around.  PRICELESS!!

Shea, Isaac, Eden and I snuck out to DipnDots.  We drove 26 miles to find it.  It was right across the bridge from our condo.  Less then 5 miles.  "SURI, FIND DIP N DOTS"

Shea and I woke up at 7:15 am and were first to arrive at COBALT!  They unlocked the door for us.  BEST breakfast food EVER!

So many TEARS when we left. 
Thank you LORD for good friends, and YOUR beautiful creation.  Thank you for the memories we made. 
I leave you with this video!

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