Saturday, July 26, 2014


The time has come that my worlds collide.  Work meets Church/life!  I couldn't have been happier! Barbara came out to Rock Mountain Lakes to lead the kids conference.  We talked about why and how to SHINE the light of Jesus.  She did so great.  She made me so proud even though she will say it's not her...only see Jesus!  And we did. 

This conference took the place of our VBS and I hope we can start doing this every year.  It was so much easier, it was different, and the kids LOVED it.  Everyone did great.  We had teams of parents, Adam and Jake did great at games, Jamie led crafts - which were all missions related. 

We spend a ton of money every year on decorations for VBS.  Most of the budget goes to decorating.  Building this bridge with Briarwood we were able to put all the money budgeted towards supplies for the mission project, we gave $300 to Restoration Academy, and also paid Barbara.  All the money went out to help someone else.  NOT to decorations we trash at the end of the week. 



See the video here

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