Friday, June 20, 2014

Sometimes it gets crazy!

This is why we love our dentist.  He loves us right where we are.  Anna and I both struggle with anxiety.  It's so sad.  But, she got a cavity.  She was extremely scared.  Never fear... Shea is HERE!!  When they called her back she immediately started crying.  We got her on gas and Shea went to get her daughter Riley to calm Anna down.  And we got through it!!  I had to get a cavity filled too...and I survived.  Noah thinks we are crazy.  He said, none of it bothers him.  He just closes his eyes and lets them work.

Our mouths are so numb!!  Anna said, "Mom feel my mouth!"  It was hard explaining to her it doesn't feel to me the way it feels to her.  She's a NUT!!

On a different note...Mary was riding the horse by herself at lessons today!

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Joel Haynes said...

This is a good way to do it, right? Get a friend to calm a patient down. Many people dread going to the dentist, and everybody has different ways to cope. Let's hope Anna does better the next time around, and she won't need help to calm down. Take care!

Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry