Thursday, June 26, 2014


I feel like our summer is struggling... but we are trying to make the most of it.  But mostly we are taking advantage of being lazy.  That's what it's about, right?  The lazy days of summer?

Swimming with friends and their Dogs

Water Balloon fights with neighbors

Memorial Day party

Longing to go outside

Friday Nights with Rey & Thursday Nights with Nathan and Lauren

Eye exams

Dentist appointments
Breakfast with Christy

Playing in Chicken Coops

Lazy Summer day... EATING JUNK!

Riding in jeeps with BOYS!

Pool time!

Horseback riding lessons

Movies in the Park!

More swimming with friends

Now I feel better...We've done things.  It's not a total bust and it's not over yet!! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm 34!

I had a great 34th Birthday!  I went to work...which meant I got 7.50 hours away from 5 kiddos.  ha!  No one really knew it was my birthday until one of my downstairs coworkers called (she saw it on FB).  So my boss scurries downstairs and tells her he had no idea...He needed something!  All they had were some muffins left over from the Women's Biblestudy that had just ended.  So, he snagged one and kept it in his office until my Birthday Buddy Barbara came up stairs singing birthday praises!  He comes out with a muffin with a candle and they sing Happy Birthday...and Wah-lah!  It's a party.  Loved it.  The creativity was knocked out of the park.


When I got home there was a cookie cake on the counter and Jason said we were going to dinner!  A treat in itself.  But then he had my family there (minus my brother - he was at the beach) and asked my really good friend Shea (who had sick baby - but she drove by anyway).  He knows how to make me feel special.  Family and friends and I'm set for a while.  Not to mention Cookie Cake!!  Money well spent. 

Not to mention to top the night off Eden took a couple of steps.  Not many...but I think she's on her way! 

So here goes 34!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sometimes it gets crazy!

This is why we love our dentist.  He loves us right where we are.  Anna and I both struggle with anxiety.  It's so sad.  But, she got a cavity.  She was extremely scared.  Never fear... Shea is HERE!!  When they called her back she immediately started crying.  We got her on gas and Shea went to get her daughter Riley to calm Anna down.  And we got through it!!  I had to get a cavity filled too...and I survived.  Noah thinks we are crazy.  He said, none of it bothers him.  He just closes his eyes and lets them work.

Our mouths are so numb!!  Anna said, "Mom feel my mouth!"  It was hard explaining to her it doesn't feel to me the way it feels to her.  She's a NUT!!

On a different note...Mary was riding the horse by herself at lessons today!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Our sweet friend Brandi and her family are moving to Indiana.  Her husband works on the railroads and moves a lot.  But that's how we got them in the first place!  They have been coming to our church over a year.  They were always very encouraging to Jason and I.  Her husband will admit he was one that only came on holidays and for some reason started coming with her - and he would always encourage us one, by coming all the time and two, by being clear on what he was learning and acting on what he was learning.  He's that quiet voice of wisdom.  They would talk about discussions they had had about things said in Sunday School or things they heard in church.  I don't know how to explain it but it's people like that that help you see the meaning and purpose of the job.  To draw people to Christ - whether they already know him or not.  That they seek HIM and HIS will for their life.  We will definitely miss this family.  There is a possibility they will be back in March 2015 - praying for them and that that becomes a reality.

ANYWAY, they had a going away party and we had a blast with them this past weekend.

Being with friends is always a day well spent!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Horse Back Riding

A friend from church teaches horseback riding lessons.  I've been wanting the girls to do it for a year now.  FINALLY, found some time and Mary is doing it first!

She loved grooming Precious and then getting to ride her.  She looks so cute... I just can't stand it.