Sunday, May 18, 2014


OK, so my best buddy Erin and I tackled a huge project - Children's Musical.  I was there for moral support, I think.  She likes things done to perfection - and it was done to perfection.  I personally think we are a great team.  She's high strung, I'm laid back.  We meet in the middle and there is BALANCE!  ha! It actually balances out the whole universe... Kidding!

We did The Greatest Show on Heaven and Earth.   Why?  Why do a play that was made in 1989?  Where we had to use CASSETTE?  Why?  Because when Erin and I were discussing our church plays we BOTH had been in this one.  And we wanted to see it again.  ha!  So we did it. 

The kids were so cute and they all did an amazing job!  We were scared there for a couple of weeks but they pulled it off and were AMAZING!  So extremely proud of them. 

The whole gang!
Anna was a Zambini and Mary was a lion


The 4 Zambini's

The Lions. 
They played the Lions from Daniel and the Lions Den

We made Nathan (our music minister) be the clown.
Such a trooper
And a crowd pleaser!


Mamma loved the show and thought the girls were SO beautiful!
I agree!


Little Andrew loves Mary and he was so proud of her!


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