Saturday, May 10, 2014


Another year of dance under our belts.  This year's theme... "A Lil Bit Country."  The girls did so great.  Anna really enjoyed taking again this year.  I guess she is one of those...she didn't know what she wanted until it was gone.  Her little break did her good.  She really appreciated the lessons and loved the recital and she rocked it by the way.

Mary danced to Achy Breaky Heart - I'm pretty sure that's the first time that song got me teary eyed.  She did so great... and she loved the stage.

She also danced to Broadway Baby.  She looked so beautiful up on that stage.  She has fun and when she's done she'll say, "Was I good or was I GREAT!"  ha!

Anna danced to Where's the Party and Put on a Happy Face.  She did so good and never had to look at her neighbor or Shalita.  She made a point to learn the dance.  SO PROUD.  And she had fun!  That's most important!

We took Riley with us to recital this year.  We are crossing our fingers she's gonna take with Anna next year.

They just made me so proud. Thanks mom for taking them to dance every week.  They love it and love the time they get to spend with you. All credit goes to you!  I love you!

Anna is in the back, first person on the right.

Mary is 4th from the left

Anna is 2nd from the right

Shalita - you rocked recital one more time.  I'm so proud of you and how big your studio has gotten.  Praying continued blessing on you and your studio.  I love how you continue to give God all the glory!  You are a LIGHT!

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