Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

I love being a Mom!  I LOVE IT!  I love my kids so much.  They have pushed me to crazy limits of love.  They have shaped me, humbled me, and made me extremely proud.  The Lord has been so kind to us by giving us our 5 little blessings.


I love to see what they come up with on Mothers Day.  This year Jason did some of the housework I had been avoiding like the plague.  I took that as a gift.  Thank you!  We also had some of our good friends over Sunday for lunch - that too was a gift.  Noah school doesn't make him make his mom gifts anymore - sad.  Anna made a book of poems for me.  Which I love.  There are always little jewels in there.  I love seeing how they perceive me.  It's always quiet funny too.  Apparently I'm a drinker!  Mary gave me some coupons for foot massages and back rubs and all kinds of nice things she could do.  Plus, they made bath salts.  She chose pink salts for me.  Now I've just got to use them... She is waiting!

That night my sister, mom, and I went to eat and to a movie.  I love this little tradition!  My dad gives us money to go out.  We went to dinner where there was endless conversation about EVERYTHING... You would think we never see each other... then we went to see Moms Night Out and we laughed so hard.  It was so funny. 

I just felt overwhelmingly blessed to have my mom, as my mom, and then also to be a mom.  Children really are God's Best Gift!! 


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