Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Mary


I love Mary.  She is ALWAYS referred to by anyone we meet as "Sweet Mary" and that she is.  She has her moments... don't be fooled but she is so sweet. 

I love Mary's Birthday - it's in the spring and everyone is ready to get out in sun.  We've been having her party at the church and we love to just let kids play and parents pow-wow!  The past several years we have gone with the Minnie Theme.  She LOVES Minnie Mouse, and still does but this year she wanted to have a "Pickle Party!"  What?!?  What in the world?  How in the world? 

I asked her, what is a pickle party?  She said it's a party where everyone that comes eats pickles... and all kinds of pickles.  So, that's what we did.  We had dill pickles big and small, fried pickles, and dill pickle chips.  We got a cookie company cake and asked them to put a pickle on it... They said that was the 1st cake with a pickle on it they have made.  The girls at work and I also made a pickle pinata... Which is questionable but it worked. 

I think someone should create a cute pickle party theme.  Because it's not popular and it could be REALLY cute.  REALLY! 





So happy 6th Birthday Mary. I hope you loved your pickle party. Already planning to do it again next year.

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